Nursery Checklist |

Nursery Checklist

All the items you need for your home and baby’s nursery

Preparing your nursery with the necessary items will help support better sleep for you and your baby. After working with countless families over the past 14 years, I have put together a checklist for new and expecting parents for your home and nursery. This is the list of recommended items I give to my sleep coaching clients. Some of these items are essentials and others are more convenience items (like a “mini, mini” fridge for the nursery so that you don’t have to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night.) Click on the items in pink to see my favorites!

Nursery Essentials

A crib (free from blankets, bumpers, toys and mobiles)
A firm mattress with tight fitting sheet
Crib sheets
A rocking chair/glider and a side table
Blackout shades and curtains
White noise machine (that does not have an automatic switch-off or intermittent sounds)
A small fan (ceiling fans are generally too noisy)
Baby monitor
Burp Cloths
Swaddles and Swaddle blankets– the Love to Dream swaddle is my favorite!
Onesies (Zip-ups are much easier) These two-way zipper onesies are great!
Pacifiers- I love the BIBS and MAM pacifiers!
Hands-free trash can for dirty/wet diapers
Dirty clothes laundry hamper

The Changing Table
Changing pad
Changing pad covers and liners
Changing pad caddy

Booster pads for diapers
Diaper rash cream
Barrier cream
Baby Lotion- oatmeal and calming lavender
Baby brush and comb set
Nail Clippers
Nasal Aspirator
Thermometer- forehead/ear and rectal

The Bathroom
Baby tub
Gentle baby wash and shampoo

The Laundry Room
Clean clothes basket
Gentle laundry detergent
Laundry stain remover

The Kitchen
Bottles with newborn and stage 1 nipples
Bottle Brush and drying rack
Dish soap

Living Areas/Outside
Baby swing and bouncy seat
A stroller with a bassinet
Baby carrier and wrap carrier
Playmat with baby toys

Breastfeeding Essentials
Breastfeeding/feeding support pillow
Breast pump
Nursing/Breastfeeding support bra
Nursing pads

A baby log or The Baby Tracker app

“Snoo” Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet
Bottle warmer
Bottle sanitizer
Formula Maker
Diaper pail
A “mini, mini” fridgea very small fridge for the nursery for formula and/or breastmilk
Dry-erase board for sleep schedule (at least 11×14)


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