Meet Ashley, founder and owner of Carolinas Newborn Care L.L.C


The vision for my business began in conversations with families I met in interviews

But I knew I needed a “real job.” So, I became a nurse! I worked as nanny and an infant sleep coach all throughout nursing school.

My nursing career lasted four long years before I realized (harshly and abruptly) that life is too short to be that stressed out! I wanted to enjoy life and holidays and weekends and family… And… I had just met my future husband.

We started dating when I was in my 60-80 hour/week nurse management career and I just knew I was scaring him off! I was stressed to the max and I barely had time for phone calls, much less dates.

More importantly, I was taking years off my life with all of the stress.

One day, while looking in the mirror, I realized I was much happier as a nanny. I loved caring for babies. I was really good at it and it was so rewarding. And all of the families I worked for really appreciated me and treated me like family.

So, I quit my job and starting caring for a good friend’s baby one day per week.
Soon I had my first full-time nanny position since leaving my nursing career and started sleep coaching infants again. I just knew that caring for babies is what I was meant to do. It came so naturally to me.

What came next I really didn’t expect and at the time, didn’t think I was ready for.

While applying for full-time positions, specifically with newborns, I met a lot of first-time parents. A lot of parents who were overwhelmed at all the new decisions that came with their new bundle of joy. They also had a bundle of stress, fears, and sleep deprivation.

This is where the light bulb turned on. I could create a business specifically designed to help new parents navigate the first year of their child’s life. This is my passion!

I also wanted to create and establish a company that I could run mostly from home by the time my now fiancĂ© and I were ready to start our own family. This company would allow me to spend more time with my family, thereby improving my quality of life AND fulfilling my passion for helping new parents. 

…it was in my blood! It would take me decades to figure out how. But I knew it would happen eventually.

Figuring out my career in my late teens and early twenties was very challenging.

I wanted to be a school teacher.

I wanted to go to business school.

I started waiting tables (hated that!)

I became a nanny (loved that!)

I got my first overnight care position with a newborn (Whoa! Babies are my sweet spot!)

I loved kids.
I loved taking care of people.
I was going to be an entrepreneur… 

As a young adult, I learned three things about myself very quickly.

So many families, especially new and expecting parents, are in need of real guidance in planning and preparing for their first child, navigating difficulties with sleep as well as finding the perfect caregiver.

Navigating the first year of life could mean a lot of different things to different people, but where I chose to start was with nanny placement.

It seemed this was the greatest need at the time. I was able to help parents by searching for nannies and helping them through hiring and employing their nannies. It felt amazing to find the perfect nanny for families and to answer all of their questions regarding employing a nanny for the first time.

This part of my business went well and steadily grew for about two years before I realized that I could help more parents on a larger scale if I could start sleep coaching over zoom calls, phone calls and emails. I would be available to them to answer all of their questions surrounding their new little peanut! Especially surrounding sleep!

I came to the conclusion that helping parents navigate the first year of life with confidence started with helping them navigate their way back to sleep. And the best way to achieve this was teaching parents how to get baby sleeping through the night and on a regular schedule.

I was able to do all of this while working my full-time nanny position and without going into any debt! I was pretty proud of myself!

Soon I was able to bring on my mother as Marketing and Sales Director. As an entrepreneur and sales and marketing expert, I knew my mom would be the perfect addition to my company and help it grow the way I knew it could.

Learn about sleep coaching
Learn about nanny placement

Now, I still help local families in the Charlotte area with finding the perfect nanny, but I am also able to reach many more first time parents across the country.

Are certified in infant and child CPR and First Aid.

Have experience and training in newborn safety, SIDS training, newborn milestones, and more.

Have passed our pre-screening process and have met our interview requirements and expectations.

Will have background checks and reference checks completed before starting with your family.

All of our sleep coaches and nannies: